My interest in music began early listening to my older brothers records with Kraftwerk and Laserdance. Later I got more into heavy rock, buying cds with Def Leppard and Van Halen. I bought my first electric guitar in high school. After watching music videos with Metallica and Pantera I really got interest in making own music. In University I started a metal band with a couple of friends and I  got familiar with music programs like Musiclab and Cubase. After some creative years I took a break from music because of job and family. In 2019 I am back into music with The Sound Of Petermann.

As read above, I got inspiration both in synth/techno and metal. I believe the NewMetal Era (with bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn and Rammstein) got me into mix these music styles. I really love to create this in a cinematic way. My tribute to our old band was the sound with heavy metal riffs and clean echo/delay synth or guitar. An old friend called this "the sound of Peter - man" and he quite hated it. I love it, and therefor call my project this with an extra "N" on the end since I am a big fan of German sound/music. 

I hope you enjoy some of my music and my ambition is to elaborate as much as possible in music styles.